Angel Food for the Red Cross

Skidmore’s citizens were tireless in their efforts to raise money for the war effort in 1918, and the Skidmore News did what it could to encourage the town to contribute.  This account from the April 25, 1918 edition reports an angel food cake selling for about $11 – an amount that would buy about $170 of goods in today’s dollars.  Yes, it was for a good cause, but the ladies who baked the cake were known in town for their cooking skills, and you can bet it was worth the amount paid.

Red Cross Sale Postponed

On account of a severe snow storm, the Red Cross sale which was to have been held last Saturday was postponed until this coming Saturday, April 27.

Quite a number of cakes and pies were sold at private sale, and the large angel food cake which was baked by Mrs. Ashbrook, Mrs. Gray and Mrs. Strickler was sold for about eleven dollars.

Everything is pointing toward a great day next Saturday.  Bring what you intend to donate to town Friday or early Saturday morning.  This is necessary so it can be properly arranged before the sale starts.

Leave your canned fruit, vegetables, chickens, etc., at the Peoples’ store, just south of the News office.

Monroe township has never been a slacker on any good cause and next Saturday there is going to be another star added to its crown.

We are determined to win the war and to do this we must help the Red Cross for it is the greatest asset to the army and navy.

The Mesdames Ashbrook, Gray, and Strickler were known for their excellent angel food cake.  The recipe below is from those ladies, and while it may or may not have been the one they used to bake this newsworthy cake, it might be worth a try.

Recipe card with handwritten angel food cake recipe
Laura Ashbrook Strickler’s recipe for angel food cake

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