A Sunday School Town, 1908

Some impressive numbers from the October 22, 1908 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri):

Skidmore Sunday Schools.
Skidmore may well boast of being one of the best, if not the best Sunday School towns in the whole country.

Every Sunday morning at half past nine o’clock there may be seen gathering from all parts of the town children, large and small, young folks and old, with their bibles and Sunday School books under their arms, making their way to one of the three churches to study the lessons and take part in the exercises of the morning’s Sunday School.
Not alone is the town represented, but the country too brings its full share. Carriages and buggies are lined up around the church hitch racks on Sunday morning like a country church on “Basket Dinner” day. And these people come not only on beautiful days or on extraordinary occasions, but are as faithful as those who live only three or four blocks from the church door.

Most parents, in all localities, want their children to be in the Sunday School and tell them to get ready now and go to Sunday School, but as for themselves, they have past the Sunday School age and are therefore excusable for not going to the trouble to get out so early in the morning.

Children are great observers and wonderful imitators. Especially do they imitate what their parents do, and naturally conclude that if the Sunday School is such a good place — why don’t papa and mamma go?

It is easily to be observed and can be seen by the records that this is not the way the parents of Skidmore do, but say “Come, let us go to Sunday School.”

I wonder, after all, if this is not the whole secret of the lively interest and fine Sunday School record of which Skidmore is so justly proud.

Below you will find report of enrollment and average attendance of each Sunday School taken from the Sunday school records:

M. E. Church
Enrollment: Male 122; female 145, total 267.
Average attendance 204.
Number enrolled over 21 years old: Male 57, female 67, total 124.

M. E. Church, South.
Enrollment: Male 59; female 68, total 127.
Average attendance 87.
Number enrolled over 21 years old: Male 32, females 30, total 62.

Christian Church.
Enrollment: Male 85, female 60, total 145.
Average attendance 87.
Number enrolled over 21 years old: Male 20, female 24, total 44.

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