A Squirrelly Lesson

Winter wisdom (and a subtle plug for the local paper, which also printed stationery) from the September 13, 1917 Skidmore News:

Squirrel or Nut, Which

The squirrel has started his bank account of nuts for next winter’s use. When the snow flies he’s going to live a life of affluence simply because he grabbed old father time by the forelock and showed him where to head in.

When a squirrel has nuts in the ground instead of one on his shoulders for a head, he’s a mighty independent little rascal, the same as the business man who has stationery printed at home and has a supply when winter sets in. Give us your order now, then when Mr. Cold Winter sticks his head in the door, you can smile at him for you will have your stationery handy and can do your writing while the cold wind blows.

Either the squirrel has prepared nuts for winter or he is a nut.

What would you do if you were a squirrel?

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