A Happy New Year To All

We echo the sentiments of the January 2, 1913 Skidmore New Era and wish you the all the very finest and best in the year ahead.

A Happy New Year To All

To all our readers, young and old, we heartily wish for you a most prosperous and happy New Year.

To the little folk, may you know more of sunshine than of cloud, more of glee than of sorrow; May your laughter be long and frequent and your play be unrestrained and your sleep be freshened by pleasant dreams.

To the youth in school all happiness be yours, in the ambition, the joy, the friendship, the competition and rewards of school life.  Go forth gladly in the New Year in the fresh vigor of your youth and may the greatest success ever crown your efforts.

To those whose lives are hallowed with parental responsibility: may years of happiness be yours.  May you see the lives for whom you have been toiling and whom you have cherished expand into beauty and usefulness.  May you know and feel the sweet reward of gratitude, veneration and love which you so richly deserve and which surely awaits you.

To those whose hair has been frosted with the winters of time: Look out upon all around you and see how passing fair the evening is; behold all that is to be seen and heard invites contentment and repose.  May the twilight of the evening of your day be a sweet calm, which only unalloyed peace can bring.

To all, the young, the old, a happy, prosperous, glad New Year.

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