A Good Problem to Have

The Skidmore Improvement Association worked to provide more parking for farmers visiting town, but despite the number of new hitch racks, the growing town was still short on parking. From the June 15, 1900 Standard, page 4:

An Evidence of Fair Treatment.

To a casual observer it is very evident that each successive week brings a greater number of people to Skidmore than the previous one. Although the town has been favored with large crowds, especially on Saturdays, this spring has been an exceptionally good one for Skidmore merchants and the crowds that have been very noticeably larger with each successive Saturday. Last Saturday it was demonstrated that we haven’t enough hitch racks yet even with those which were recently put in and the Standard suggests that this matter should be attended to at once because the town can not afford to have the good farmers come to town and be compelled to sit in their vehicle to hold their horses because there is no place to tie them. Lets have hitch racks for the teams of all who want to come to Skidmore from near and far!

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