8 Reels, 500 Scenes, 3000 People

If quantity is a measure of quality, Hall Caine’s movie The Christian must have been amazing.  The theater advertised the eight gripping, interesting parts shown in eight reels – a total of 500 scenes involving 3,000 people.  It was a bargain at 25 and 35 cents per seat, as those who viewed the play paid $2 for their seats.  Must’ve been big city prices.

Ad for the movie The Christian. Text of ad follows.
Advertising from the May 13, 1915 Skidmore Standard.

Ad reads, “The Christian, From the Book by Hall Caine. Friday, May 14, one day only. We think we are very fortunate to get this picture at this time as it is yet new and one of the best produced to date. 500 Scenes 500. 3000 people. Those who attended the matinee will be assured better seats and more comfort than at the evening performance. Those who viewed the play payed $2 for the best seats. Those who saw the play read the book and witnessed the picture proclaim the picture superior to both the book and play. Featuring the great English Derby. Admission Children 15 cents, Adults 25 cents, Box Seats 35 cents. Edith Storey as Glory Quayle. Earle Williams as John Storm. Afternoon 2:30. Evening 8:15. Royal Theatre.”

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