2500 Beef Sandwiches, 132 Pies, 97 Cakes

From the July 7, 1921 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Big Crowd at Barbecue.
The barbecue which was to have been held on the J. R. Bagby farm Monday, July 4th, was postponed until Tuesday on account of the rain. The roads had dried sufficiently by Tuesday morning to enable cars to travel with ease, and a large crowd was in attendance. Many were there from Skidmore, Maryville, Maitland and Graham, as well as from the country.

Music was furnished by the Clearmont band and by a choir. Alfred Walton and O. D. Hardman gave talks, and Mr. Walton also read the Declaration of Independence. The principal address of the day was delivered by Prosecuting Attorney McCaffrey of Maryville. A ball game between Graham and Burlington Junction was a feature of the afternoon’s entertainment.

2500 beef sandwiches, 132 pies, 97 cakes were served, besides pickles and salads.

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