Zula Deffenbaugh Gets Married

We love a surprise wedding.  Here’s one that was reported in the Skidmore New Era, July 15, 1909, page 4:


Mr. Rudie Teeters and Miss Zula Deffenbaugh were married Monday, July 12, 1909 in St. Joseph, Mo.  Mr. Teeters has been living in Parnell and is a nephew of Mr. James Weddle of this place, and has been visiting his uncle, Mr. James Weddle and family for the past three or four weeks.

Miss Zula is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Deffenbaugh and was born and reared in Skidmore. The young couple are from good families and are highly respected.  Their marriage, however, was a complete surprise, not only to the parents of Miss Zula, but to the most intimate friends of the groom and bride.  Not even the young couple who took the train with them Sunday morning knew that the couple were then boarding the train for St. Joseph, where they expected to procure license for marriage.

On Sunday morning Mr. Teeters and Miss Zula proposed to their friends, Edgar Jones and Miss Iva Weddle, that they all go somewhere for a Sunday excursion.  After they had boarded the train they then told the couple, Mr. Jones and Miss Weddle, that they were going to St. Joseph to be married.  Mr. Jones and Miss Weddle went with them as far as Bigelow and returned on the evening passenger.  The other couple went on to St. Joseph, procured a license and were married.

Rudie was a “Rude” little boy for running off like he did and not let anyone know he was to be married.  But Mr. and Mrs. Deffenbaugh have forgiven him and their daughter, Zula, and they returned home Tuesday noon and are now at the home of the bride’s parents.


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