Yours for Footwear, Sewell Bros. & Montgomery

From the December 7, 1900 Skidmore Standard, we bring you advice on being thankful for another year.  As it turns out, gratitude and shoes are connected.

Ad for Sewell Bros. and Montgomery. Text of ad follows.
Advertisement for footwear at Sewell Brothers and Montgomery in Skidmore, Missouri, from the Skidmore Standard, December 7, 1900.

Text of Ad for Sewell Bros. & Montgomery, “How to be Thankful for Another Year. Wear Atlantic Shoes and you will have no others for dress wear. More style, more comfort, more service, less price. Wear a Pacific and you will want no other for a dress shoe. How to buy fine shoes. Do not expect them to do the same kind of service required of a heavy plow shoe. Remember the extra cost of the goods only pays for extra style, fit and comfort. Recollect that the shoes are made of leather. That water will wet it, fire will burn it, chemical action will harden and crack it, and with any treatment it will soon wear out. Buy our shoes, but buy them intelligently. You will find them unexcelled in quality, style and workmanship. The spirit of aggressiveness manifested in our business is due to a confidence in the merits of our goods. We know that our shoes are intrinsically as good value as can be procured, hence our confidence. A business built upon any foundation other than merit is built upon sand. Quality and fair dealing is what has brought our business up to its present standing and we expect to continue this policy as long as we keep our store. Overshoes. We carry the best assortment of Overs in the country. Every kind for everybody. Banigan. The best on earth for the money. Leggings. Knit leggings for children. Jersey leggings for children and women different lengths. Duck leggings for men – all fasteners – all lengths. 45 pairs children’s low overs size from 12 to 2 1/2 – 60 cents. 30 pairs women’s buckle overs round toe, 75 cents. We are sole agent for the Lambertville snag proof boots. The original and only genuine snag proof rubber boot on the market. Yours for footwear, Sewell Bros. & Montgomery.”

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