You Can Recall Your Letters

A handy postal service tip from the days when you went for your mail, rather than having your mail come to you, namely September 7, 1900, in the Skidmore Standard, via the Burlington Junction Post.

Can Recall Your Letters.

It is not generally known that a letter put in the postoffice and sent to its destination can be recalled by the writer.

It has been the experience of some perhaps that after having written a few hasty remarks to a friend or sent money to some swindling concern they would afterwards have given most anything to have it back.

After you have posted a letter and even after it has reached its destination you can recall it. At every postoffice you can secure withdrawal blanks and paying enough to cover the expense you can have your letter returned unopened.

After the applicant has signed this agreement the postmaster will telegraph to the postmaster of the city where it was sent and your letter, if it has not been called for, will be returned. These withdrawal blanks are furnished by Uncle Sam to protect the citizens from fraudulent concerns. – B. J. Post.

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