World’s Fair Vote, 1900

The 1900 Skidmore Standard generally took a neutral political position. It saved its strong opinions for issues like whether the town should clean up the streets and install more hitchracks (said the Standard: yes) and whether local businesses should advertise in the paper (a Hallelujah Chorus of a YES on that issue). It did take a stand on a specific ballot issue facing voters in the November 1900 election, and the Standard said the following on the front page, first column of its November 2 edition. See if you can figure out which position the Standard supported:

You going
To vote for the
World’s Fair Amend-
Ments to the state constitution?

Vote for the Amendments 4 and 5.

Don’t forget to vote YES on the fourth and fifth Amendments next Tuesday.

Go to the poles [sic] early and cast your vote for World’s Fair Amendments.

Tell all your neighbors to be sure and vote YES for the Amendments.

Amendments 4 and 5 must carry or we can have no World’s Fair at St. Louis in 1903.

Every Missourian should feel proud of the opportunity to vote for the St. Louis World’s Fair.

Lets carry the Amendments 4 and 5, next Tuesday, without a dissenting vote at the Skidmore polls.

If you cannot come to the polls to cast your ballot, send a hand to vote for the World’s Fair amendments.

Read the Amendments to the state constitution and then vote for the ones relating to the St. Louis World’s Fair.

Do we want a World’s Fair in the grand old state of Missouri? Well, yes. Then vote for Amendments 4 and 5.

The State Auditor says it will not cost you a cent in increased taxation if Amendments 4 and 5 are carried. Vote for them.

Those World’s Fair amendments. Vote for them, fathers, sons, grandsons, nephews, uncles, grandfathers and everyone who has a right to vote.

If you don’t want to vote for Joseph Flory, cast your ballot for the other fellow and see that your ticket is marked to count one in favor of Amendments 4 and 5.

Missouri against the world for beautiful women, big red apples, fine cattle and fast horses. Vote for the St. Louis World’s Fair so that the world can have an opportunity of finding out what we have.

If Amendments 4 and 5 are not carried next Tuesday, there will be no World’s Fair in St. Louis in 1903. Remember this when you vote, and see that your ballot counts for the Amendments.

There are many reasons why you should vote for the Amendments to the state constitution relating to the St. Louis World’s Fair, and not one reason for voting against them. Look well to your ballot.

The St. Louis World’s Fair will do wonders for our state in every way. Every voter should remember this fact next Tuesday when he goes to the polls to cast his ballot, and should see that he votes YES for amendments 4 and 5.

Some other fellow will likely kill your vote for the president at the election next Tuesday; but if you cast your ballot in favor of the Amendments to the state constitution relating to the Louisiana Purchase Exhibition at St. Louis in 1903, it will be sure to count.

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