Windsor Hotel, 1900

Big changes came to Skidmore’s Windsor Hotel in May 1900. The Skidmore Standard reported the following in its May 11, 1900 issue on page 1:

Change in the Hotel Management.

Antique photo image of two buildings. The smaller building has a sign which reads, "The New Commercial Hotel."
The Windsor Hotel was acquired by Mrs. A. W. Sewell in 1902 and renamed The Commercial Hotel.

The Windsor hotel has been a veritable “hotel topsy turvy,” part of this week caused by a change in the management which necessitated moving everything out and then moving other furnishings in. Mr. Douglas Coberley is the new landlord. He, with his family, came up from St. Joseph, their former home, Saturday evening and assumed control of the hotel, Monday. M. N. Dougherty, who owns the building, bought new furniture and furnishings for every room in the house. These are being arranged and placed as rapidly as possible. When everything is righted it will be one of the best furnished hotels along this road.

Mrs. Cora Wright, the retiring landlady, had control of the Windsor almost six years and made a very successful business of it. Under her management, the house had a wide-spread reputation for cleanliness and good meals. She with Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Strickler first took control of the hotel in March 1894. April 6, 1898, the business was turned over to C. G. Hopkins who managed it until the following September when Mrs. Wright again gained control of it and conducted the business until May 6. At present she has not perfected her plans for future action.

We wish the new management abundant success.

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