Win We Must: Royal Theater, 1917

Even Skidmore’s movie theater did its part for the war effort.  From the Skidmore News, November 1, 1917, page 6 (click to enlarge):

Ad by the Royal Theater, 1917. Text follows.
From the November 1, 1917 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 6.

Ad reads, “Doing your bit to win the war. In order to furnish money to win the war, the government is not only making it possible for each man, woman and child to do their bit, but expects us to do so. In addition to Liberty Bonds from $50 and up there will be War Certificates in denominations as low as $5 and taxes, and taxes, and more to come. The Moving Picture Industry has been asked to contribute its share and a little bit more. It pays a tax on seating capacity, a tax on both raw and exposed film, a tax on each reel every time it is rented and a tax on motion picture supplies, in addition to a tax of one cent for every 10c admission, and two cents on every admission above 10 and up to 20c, three cents above 20 and up to 30c, and so on. Every person entering a theatre (not an employee) must pay this tax, so get ready to do your patriotic bit and bring your pennies Saturday Evening, November 3. Anything and Everything to win the war, but Win we Must. Royally, The Royal Theater.”

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