William Blackney’s Sale, 1906

From the October 25, 1906 Skidmore New Era:

An Unusual Sale.

Wm. Blackney’s sale of cattle, horses, hogs, grain, hay etc., on last Wednesday was well attended and good prices were received for the property.  The sale amounted to $9,777.50.  An unusual feature of this sale was that Mr. Blackney did not take a single note but received the whole amount that the property brought in cold cash.  This is something that rarely occurs at a small sale and the writer has never known of a sale where so much property was disposed of that everything sold for cash.

Sale by William Blackney. Text of ad follows.
Advertisement for William Blackney’s sale, as printed in the Skidmore New Era, October 11, 1906, page 4.

Ad reads, “Advertisement: Public Sale! I will sell at public auction at the Tootle farm, five miles west, and one-half mile north of Skidmore, Mo., on Wednesday, October 17, 1906, the following described stock, grain and hay: 276 head of cattle. . . 6 head of horses. . . 225 head of hogs. . . grain and hay. . . implements. Terms: All sums of Ten Dollars and under, cash. Sums over ten dollars a credit of 8 months will be given. Purchaser to give bankable note with 8 per cent interest from date of sale. No property to be removed until terms are complied with. Sale to begin at 10:30 a.m. J. M. Hosmer & Son, Auctioneers. H. W. Montgomery, Clerk. William Blackney, seller. Lunch on ground by J. W. Miller.”

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