Will Russell Claim Reward?

Crime news from the August 16, 1901 Skidmore Standard, by way of the Braddyville Times.  Mrs. Hagey had been a visitor in Skidmore, and a brief earlier item in the Standard had alerted citizens to the hunt for Russell.

Will Russell Claim Reward?

Report has reached town that Governor Dockery, of Missouri, has offered $200 reward for the capture of John Russell, who shot and killed John Hagey just south of this place June 20.  This with the neat amount subscribed by parties in Page and Nodaway counties, will make a reward of $450 for Russell’s return.

It is generally conceded by the warmest denouncers of Russell that with a jury acting strictly under the law and evidence Russell, in spite of the probable enormity of his sins, would likely go scott free or at most would get off with a slight jail sentence.  It is even reported – though on very uncertain authority – that Russell has already consulted a lawyer, who told him there could be a very small case made against him, and tha the is making preparations to be captured by friends instead of foes so that he may come in for his share of the reward offered for his return. — Braddyville (Iowa) Times.

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