Wild Goose Chase

A brave admission from the Skidmore Standard (Feb. 16, 1900 edition).  We confess to rooting just a bit for the goose:

A Wild Goose Chase.

The “punkin editor” made a “wild goose chase” after a tame goose, Tuesday, and the tame goose is a wild goose as a result of his chase.  This is the way it happened.

While one of Sewell Bros. & Montgomery’s clerks was unloading some geese which had been brought to them by a country patron, one of the birds escaped.  It flew off over the houses and settled down in the field north of town near the railroad.  The “punkin editor” saw it fly over and watched until it alighted.  Then he got his gun and went after the goose, thinking it was a wild one.  He walked as far as he thought prudent and “sneaked” the rest of the way.  Visions of roast goose with trimmings flitted before his eyes as he pulled up the gun to shoot.  Bang, bang, went both barrels.  Squawk, squawk; flap, flap; away flew the goose.  Further chase was useless, so he shouldered his gun and started back home.  In the meantime the clerk had started in quest of his lost goose.  He met the man with the gun and inquired if he had seen a goose; then the truth was made known and the “punkin editor” has felt like he would rather stay at home than come down town, and his editorial chair in this office has since been vacant.  The goose is still at large.

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