What’s the Use to Worry

Some perspective, as aptly stated by the Rosendale Signal and reprinted in the March 24, 1899 Skidmore Standard:

What’s the Use to Worry?

We sometimes put on a long face and look as if we hadn’t a friend in the world, just because some person has found fault with something they saw in our paper.  But why feel so badly over “spilled milk”  The merchant doesn’t please all of his customers, the postmaster too, is kicked and cussed because he makes mistakes, the station agent is frequently backed up in the corner by some old woman and given to understand this and that and numerous other things, the barber is censured for the dull razor, the banker is accused of fraud and dishonesty, the butcher forever reminded of his tough meat, and even the preacher finds it hard work to please his congregation with his best sermons.  Oh! this is a funny, funny world! — Rosendale Signal

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