What the Governor Missed

What the Governor Missed.
By arriving in St. Joseph too late to catch the regular morning train to Langdon where he took the stub road to Rock Port, Governor Folk found it necessary to pay the Burlington $155 for a special train to carry him to that place, that he might not disappoint the Rock Port people who were gathering to hear him speak. His late arrival there made it impossible for him to arrive here in time to partake of the delicious supper that had been prepared in his honor at the beautiful country home of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Linville. The fact that he could not be here was a great disappointment but as preparation s had been made to entertain, others were invited in to help dispose of the good things, and the Linville automobile was kept busy for some time before six o’clock taking the guests out form town.

The hospitality of the Linvilles was enjoyed by Charles Long and C. C. Trapp of Graham, John K. Sawyer, G. P. Wright, John Dawson and Albert E. Bell of Maryville, John Hilliard of Lansing, Iowa, Rev. Gunby, E. T. Duval, W. M. Howden, L. D. Jordan, Ray Strickler, W. R. and W. S. Linville of Skidmore.

The delicious eatables were elegantly served and were eaten with relish. If Governor Folk could have known that so elaborate a spread had been made for him, he surely would have made a special effort to have been present.

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