Weather and Ice Cream

We do not know how the weather dared to defy the ladies of the Skidmore Christian Church, but it unwisely did so in 1899.  From the August 18, 1899 Skidmore Standard:

That the weather is no respecter of persons or creed was forcefully demonstrated here Saturday evening. The ladies of the Christian church had arranged to serve ice cream on that particular evening in the church yard. They worked assiduously during all of the afternoon, Saturday, mixing cream, freezing cream and doing the one thousand and one other things that are requisite in the preparation of an ice cream festival. But the fates were in an evil way and refused to regard with favor, the ladies’ efforts. Shortly after 6 p.m. an ugly looking cloud came up from the west and in a few moments everything, including the buoyant hopes of the ladies, was deluged in torrents of rain. The ice cream was stored away and the supper postponed until the following Monday evening.

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