Water Works

We usually take such things for granted these days, but 1904 Skidmore was without up-to-date city utilities.  The Skidmore Standard frequently lobbied for such work to begin, as we see in this example from its April 4, 1904 edition:

An Enterprise

A Water Works System Could be Had at a Small Cost to the Citizens of Skidmore

There are smaller towns than Skidmore that have a system of water works and electric lights, and they can be conducted in this town on a scale that would bring good returns.  The power could be furnished for the electric light system from the mill engine, which is done by many mills throughout the country with good success.

All towns have their kickers that are always ready to knock on anything that is gotten up for the benefit of the town in the way of any enterprise.  This thing that is called “money” would not do you any good in any way if you were in a shape that you could not spend it.  Why not get some of it into circulation and show the people that we are enterprising instead of dead beats, in the way of energy and push?  The cost is nothing compared with the comforts and convenience that an individual derives therefrom.

There is a time to do all of these things and now is the time for this city to be up and doing something if it wants to get in line with other towns of its class.  There is no doubt in our mind but that an enterprise of this character would make this little city something to be proud of and would be a paying investment for the right parties to take up.

The town is steadily increasing and the thing for us to do now is to widen out and place our aims a little higher, then work to them with an untiring effort, and our labors will be crowned with success.


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