Watching the Clock Stop, 1907

Some of you, we are sure, will be tempted to make comparisons to watching paint dry.  (Fine lines of paints sold at Model Drug Company, the Skidmore Drug Company, and others!)  We would love to know how the citizens of Skidmore, Missouri and surrounding communities responded to this ingenious promotion from Barrett, Stoolfer and Owens in 1907.  What easier way to bring people by your store window every single day for seven months?  From the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), May 9, 1907, page 4 (select image to enlarge and read):

Ad for Barrett, Stoolfer, and Owens. Text of ad follows.
A startling promotion from Barrett, Stoolfer and Owens of Skidmore, Missouri, as published in the Skidmore New Era, May 9, 1907, page 4.

Ad reads, “Cash given away. We do not believe in loading our customers with cheap junk for premiums, and then selling the premiums at a big profit. A startling proposition. Here it is. We have placed in our show window, a beautiful clock. This clock will be wound up and allowed to run down each week. With every $1 cash purchase, we give you a ticket, on which a ‘time of day’ is stamped. Bring tickets to our store ever Saturday on and after June 1st, when the clock’s face will be unveiled, and the two persons holding nearest correct time the clock stops will receive $2.50 each in cash. Then on December 28th, 1907, the five persons holding the nearest correct time the clock stops, will receive $5 each. This proposition don’t last for a day or a week or a month, but for seven months. A square deal. This is the fairest, squarest deal we can think of to give you. Everybody has an equal chance. Remember, tickets that are given now are good for the $25 prize next December; also for any premium given after June 1st. Barrett, Stoolfer and Owens.”

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