Washington’s Birthday, 1908

From the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), February 27, 1908, page 4:

League’s Receipts Over $60.

The Washington Birthday entertainment at the M. E. church, last Saturday evening, was a financial and social success.

George Manchester and Mrs. T. L. Howden as George and Martha Washington, took a prominent part in entertaining the large audience that was in attendance, and J. C. Spahr and Mrs. E. L. Armstrong representing Uncle Sam and Columbia, took their parts well.

The Thirteen Colonies were represented by the following young ladies: Misses Mary, Cecil Myrtle and Susie Saunders, Inez Dillon, Lizzetta Gibson, Lola Brown, Zula Deffenbaugh, Rose and Amy Barrett, Lottie Wright, Carrie Torrey and Erma Sewell.

A number of young men attired in Colonial garb gave a drill to open the entertainment. The garments they wore were not like the well worn ones that so illy covered the soldiers who were quartered at Valley Forge.

All those assuming the various characters were suitably costumed, and the sight of them had a tendency to cause the auditors to feel that they were living in the days when the colonies united and formed a government of their own.

The rate of admission to this entertainment was regulated by the age of the person desiring admittance. For each year the person had been permitted to live in this old world, a penny was extracted. The price of admission also permitted one to partake of the dainty supper that was served by the Leaguers, under whose auspices the entertainment was given. The neat sum of a trifle over $60 was taken in at the door.

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