Voters of Skidmore, Attention!

The editor of the Skidmore Standard usually stayed out of the partisan politics we see so often today, at least as far as the newspaper went.  There was a major break from that policy in the September 20, 1901 Standard for an important issue:

Voters of Skidmore, Attention!

There is a move being made to dis-incorporate the town of Skidmore.  Do you know what this means?  It doesn’t mean to return to our former village organization but to put us in the same position regarding laws and restrictions as any other voter in Monroe township.

Before we could have a peace officer we would need draft a new set of ordinances, vote on same and go through the same procedure as we did at the last election.

Another objection raised to our present organization is that taxes will be higher.  This statement is made either without proper investigation or with utter disregard for the truth.  The tax levy is just the same as we paid last year — not one cent more.  The only additional charge is the city license and that the business men alone pay.

Last year a number of business men paid the City Marshal one dollar each month to induce him to serve.  This year his salary is one hundred dollars and our Mayor fined one law-breaker enough to pay this for six months.

The salaries of the board of Aldermen will not amount to twenty dollars more than we were paid the Councilmen last year.

The report that fifty dollars was paid the Attorney who drafted the ordinance is false.  He didn’t get a penny and didn’t ask one.

Don’t get alarmed about this burden of tax which is going to fall on you.  IT CAN’T BE RAISED until you get to assert or dissert from the proposition to increase them by your own vote.  And remember that if the county court would grant the prayer of the petitioners to dis-organize our town, we are just a community and not an organized town in any sense of the word.

Don’t you sign ANYTHING until you investigate for yourself the truth of statements made by those who ask your endorsement to their views, for you might discover that they didn’t want what they ask you to help them get.

This applies not only to this particular case but to all other similar petitions which need your franchise to succeed.

Let us not make a move backwards but go forward ALWAYS.

A Voter.

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