Victrola for a Merrier Christmas

Ad for the Victrola, for sale in 1921 at the Model Drug Co. of Skidmore, Missouri. Text of ad follows.
Ad for the Victrola, on sale at the Model Drug Company of Skidmore, Missouri. Skidmore News, December 1, 1921, p. 5.

Advertisement reads, “The Victrola Means a Merrier Christmas. There is something really Christmassy about the Victrola; it brings with it happiness for all the year. Like the old-fashioned fireplace, it becomes a rallying point for the whole family. And as for a true Christmas spirit — nothing is more welcome than Victor Records, when they are chosen with the particular taste of the recipient in mind. We can help you choose just the Victrola that will delight the folks. Drop in today and hear some of the world’s greatest artists, perfectly reproduced by Victor Records. You may be the person who will receive the Victrola the Model Drug Co. is going to give away the night before Christmas if you have made a dollar cash purchase and received a ticket. Call and see this machine and ask for a ticket. Model Drug Co.”

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