Valentines, 1913

In our grocery store, the Halloween candy seemed to push the school supplies off the shelf in its haste to appear, and almost on the 31st itself, the Christmas candy seemed to do the same to the Halloween treats.  We were not surprised, then, to see Valentine candy appear on December 26.

Things were a bit less rushed in the stores of Skidmore, Missouri in 1913, although some stores did advertise, as we see in this advertisement from the February 13, 1913 Skidmore New Era, page 1:

Valentines. V is for Value to be considered first.  A is for Attractiveness of style and verse.  L is for Lateness of shapes and designs.  E is for Everything nobby in Valentines.  N is for Nothing left undone.  T is for Tokens for old and young.  I is for Investigate, it will pay you well.  N is for Newest designs, the kind we sell.  E is for Each one selected with care.  S is for Selling them cheaper than anywhere.  Skidmore Drug Company.  The Nyal Store.  Ask for your discount checks with each cash purchase you make.  Discount checks are good for either cash or merchandise.
Valentines for sale at the Skidmore Drug Company, Skidmore, Missouri. From the Skidmore New Era newspaper, February 13, 1913, page 1.

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