Vacation Supplies, 1920

Are you planning your vacation?  If so, you might find this list of vacation supplies from the Walker Drug and Jewelry Store of Skidmore, Missouri handy.  From the Skidmore News, July 22, 1920, page 5 (click to enlarge):

List of "vacation supplies." Text of ad follows.
Walker Drug and Jewelry Store, Skidmore, Missouri, July 22, 1920.

Ad reads, “Check this list of Vacation Supplies. Don’t wait until the last minute, get them now. Those planning vacations will find offered here, a complete selection of vacation accessories — everything the best. Here is a partial list of many essentials for a comfortable and pleasurable vacation. Check them over carefully, then come to us and we shall be pleased to advise you in your selections. Sanitary drinking cups, vacuum bottles, rubber sponges, razor blades, cameras, manicure articles, Black Beauty Bottles, talcum powder, face powder, rouge, toilet water, cold cream. This is but one part of our service that is making this store the ideal place to trade. All we ask is that you try us once, then you’ll be convinced. Come In. Walker Drug and Jewelry Store.”

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