Up a Tree

Some quick thinking reported in the January 12, 1900 Skidmore Standard, right there on page 1:

Hog Sent Him Up a Tree

Hugh Ledgerwood is not so young as he used to be, but he can still “shin” up a sapling like a school boy if he thinks his safety depends upon it.  An occasion of this kind occurred Wednesday afternoon in the grove west of town.  W. J. Skidmore sold some of his South Missouri hogs and Mr. Ledgerwood was helping round them up.  One old ranger endeavored to distance the drivers but soon found this a tiresome job and changed tactics.  He reversed and made a dash for Ledgerwood who tried to work a bluff.  The hog would not bluff; but continued in his course and the man wisely decided to go up higher until the brute could be called off.

Our city-dwelling eyes might see humor in that story, but there was a serious side to such an event, as reported in another story on that same page:

L. F. Hammond was not hunting the ‘wild boar,’ last week; but one old fellow – of his own pens – went hunting for him, found him and ripped an ugly gash in one of his lower extremities.

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