Union Valley News, June 1921

From the June 9, 1921 Skidmore News, page 5:

Union Valley Items
The long hoped for rain has begun this afternoon (Wednesday). all signs will fail if it is not a good one.
The farmers have to beat “Old Sol” out of bed these mornings, however hard on feelings and temper.
Some of our women can and do drive a team and work in the field. Three cheers for them.

Uncle Jimmy Parshall rides his Ford as unafraid as if no accident had ever happened.

We have lovely gardens in our neighborhood in spite of the freezes in the early spring.

A good many mothers and children on phone lines 13 and 17 attended the union church picnic on the high school grounds at Skidmore Wednesday.

The last thing in fancy work is hand-made bed-spreads, which the ladies in this district are developing quite a talent for.

Mr. McMahon was forced to ship some of his nice steers on account of the scarcity of water. Here’s hoping he gets a good profit.

Mrs. Boone Linville is raising chickens for the neighbors, or so it looks by the size of her flock of White Leghorns.

Everyone is invited to the Children’s Day exercises next Sunday at the M. E. church, south.

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