Uncle Tom’s Cabin Comes to Skidmore

One thousand people?  That’s a lot of Patent Folding Opera Chairs!  From the August 3, 1900 Skidmore Standard (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Nearly one thousand people paid twenty-five, thirty-five and forty-five cents to Terry’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin Co. Tuesday night for permission to sit under the canvas and see LaGree whip Uncle Tom, Miss Ophelia faint in the arms of the Deacon, Eliza cross the ice, Topsy do her didos and little Eva bid adieu to this wicked vale of tears.

The play is old, very old, and should have been relegated to the back number list long ago; but so long as people go by the thousands to sit under the tent to hear the orchestra and try to hear what the people on the stage say, just so long will the towns be afflicted with semi-occasional reappearances of this “chestnut.” The show people are quiet and well-behaved. They paid all their bills and carried away something like four hundred dollars of our peoples’ money. It is said that Terry’s expenses are $150 per day but he cleared $10,000 last year and will do even better than that the present year.

The Great Terry Show is coming to Skidmore Tuesday, July 31, 1900. Terry's Big Uncle Tom's Cabin Tent Show, (The only one of the kind Seated with Patent Folding Opera Chairs)  See our Grand Parade at 1 p.m.  See the old-fashioned Southern Cart and Mule.  See the Bale of cotton shipped direct from the Cotton Fields of the 'sunny south.'  See the Original Log Cabin on wheels.  40 People.  50 Horses.  7 Blood Hounds.  Doors open at 7:30 p.m.  Overture at 8:00.  Performance begins at 8:15.
Advertisement from the July 20, 1900 Skidmore Standard (Skidmore, Missouri) for a performance of The Great Terry Show, Terry’s Big Uncle Tom’s Cabin Tent Show, “The only one of the kind seated with Patent Folding Opera Chairs.”

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