Unceasing Activity in a Good Town

The Skidmore Standard did its best to boost the town’s reputation, and it did not rest when it came to that mission in its August 18, 1899 edition:

A Good Town

Skidmore Shippers Send Out 96 Cars of Stock and Grain in 30 Days

“By their work shall ye know them.”  This was said of men but it applies equally as well to towns or corporations.  A man is judged by his works; so is a town by the amount of business it does.  Unceasing activity develops a town, just the same as it does the individual.  So from this point of view Skidmore is entitled to a prominent position in the front ranks of the progressive towns of northwest Missouri and is advancing to claim her rights.  A few facts and figures to show what is being done along the shipping line in the town will substantiate this fact.

It is now the middle of August.  Since the first of the month, 19 cars of corn and 42 cars of fat stock have been shipped from this point.  This, of course is for only 15 days.  Taking the shipments for the last two weeks in July6 we would have the amount done in 30 days, which would be 77 cars of stock and 19 cars of grain.  Grand total – 96 cars.  This is a phenomenal showing when the proximity of Quitman, Maitland, and other shipping points is considered.

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