Two Cars of Sheep, 1908

From the November 5, 1908 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 6:

Two Cars of Sheep.
Wm. Grigsby and W. H. Freece returned from Omaha Thursday bringing back with them two cars of sheep. One double decked car of over 300 lambs for Mr. Grigsby and one car of ewes for Mr. Freece.

This part of the county is developing into quite a sheep industry. John Masters east of town, for several years has been raising and feeding a number of sheep and has on his farm now a herd of very fine ones.

Capt. J. H. Grigsby, Mr. Irvine, Chas. Cottril and Charles Pfeiffer west of Skidmore, have handled them more or less for the past few years and find that they have been a profitable investment when properly managed.

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