Tug of War – The Woodmen Return

Confident from their win in August 1899, the Modern Woodmen of Skidmore issue a challenge.  From the June 15, 1900 Skidmore Standard:

Skidmore Modern Woodmen Will Pull Any Lodge.

The Skidmore Modern Woodmen camp is composed of some extraordinarily good, strong timber and so great is the faith of the members in themselves that they voted at their meeting Monday night to pay ten dollars to any lodge that can worst them in a tug-of-war in Skidmore, July 4. They do not ask odds nor even money; a tug-of-war is what they want and they are willing to pay “to be shown.”

The conditions are: Ten men to each team; the match to be pulled in Skidmore; the day July 4; $10. to the opposing team if it wins and a royal good time. The challenge is open to the world and they ask only that the team they pull be composed of men from the same local lodge.

To our exchanges: If you have any good, sturdy men in your secret orders tell them about the Skidmore Modern Woodmen’s challenge and assure them a good town to celebrate in, a nice time and royal treatment if they come.

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