Tom Groves was a Law-Abiding Citizen

We know most Northwest Missourians are law-abiding folks.  The Mound City News-Jeffersonian wanted everyone to know that Tom Groves was, too, and we know this because the following article was reprinted in the February 12, 1914 edition of the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 5.  Or perhaps they were pulling our leg. Either way, here’s their testimonial:

Tom Groves a Law Abiding Citizen.

Rather an amusing incident occurred in Maitland last week.  Tom Groves, not being posted in everything modern, went to Maitland to have his gasoline can filled and, not knowing that in compliance with the law he had to have his can painted red, he ordered it filled, which, of course, was refused and he was informed that everything that was used for gasoline had to be painted red, but he misunderstood the merchant and thought he said that everything that used gasoline had to be red.  He told the merchant to paint his can, then he made a beeline for Hodgins Clothing store and tried to buy a red shirt and cap, tried to get Frank Smith to paint his auto red and bought his wife a new red dress.  He said he was a law-abiding citizen and anything that was demanded under this democratic administration he was ready to comply with. — News-Jeffersonian.


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