Time to Be Good

Order in church is essential, and Skidmore’s ministers affirmed their dedication to that principle.  Order in publication of news items is also important, and the editor’s choice to follow a stern warning with news of a church ice cream social makes us wonder whether the townspeople were pursuing a “good cop, bad cop” approach.  From the July 28, 1899 Skidmore Standard:

Time To Be Good
Ministers on the War Path

Tuesday evening of last week a committee from each church in town met at the M. E. church to discuss important questions concerning church matters.  Among the question considered was the question of order.  It was unanimously decided that better order than has existed during religious services is necessary and that each church should take action, if necessary, to secure and maintain it.  The ministers say their frequent expostulations with some of the young people who attend services for other purposes than worship have failed and they now intend to resort to more severe methods.

The ladies of the Christian church will give an ice cream social in the churchyard, Saturday evening, August 12.

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