Tillie’s Punctured Romance, 1915

Here’s some entertainment news from Skidmore, Missouri in 1915. With all our on-demand options, these days, we forget what it was like, don’t we?

Here’s what the paper had to say prior to the show in the October 14, 1915 edition of the New Era:

Tillie’s Punctured Romance.
You get your money back if you sit through a performance of the much heralded Keystone comedy, “Tillie’s Punctured Romance,” which comes to the Royal on Friday, Oct. 15 and you don’t laugh. This is the offer that is being made by the management of every theatre in which this wonderful six-reel comedy has been shown. This offer is absolutely bona finde, and in all the time that the picture has been shown, only one woman has ever taken advantage of the offer, and her reason was that she had the mumps.

Marie Dressler the famous star of the legitimate stage, Chas. Chaplin and Mable Normand are the three funny folks that have made “Tillie’s Punctured romance,” the talk of the film loving world. One can imagine what a riot they are when all three are playing in the same production. It was built for laughing purposes, and there is never a dull moment. Those who want to enjoy a solid hour and a half of fun should not fail to see this extraordinary production, which is taxing the capacity of every theatre in which it is played.

Ad is illustrated with a scene from the movie. "Coming Friday Night, Oct. 15.  All the world is laughing at Charles Chaplin, Marie Dressler and Mabel Normand in Tillie's Punctured Romance, the big six reel side splitting keystone comedy. Your money back if you don't laugh.  Prices 10 cents and 20 cents.  The Royal Theatre."
Advertisement for Tillie’s Punctured romance, playing at the Royal Theatre in Skidmore, Missouri, in 1915.

Well, was it worth the price of admission? Did anyone ask for a refund? Here’s the review from the October 21, 1915 Skidmore New Era:

Tilley’s Punctured Romance.
The show entitled as above which was given at the Royal Theatre last Friday night, was witnessed by a large crowd.

The show did not seem to take very well with some of the people, probably because it was not what they expected.

In all probabilities, if the same people would see this show in Kansas City or St. Joseph they would say it was a “dandy.”

The writer went to laugh, and by the way he did laugh, and thought he got full value for his little old 20 cents.

Book another one, boys.

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