Three Sons in the Army

On this Memorial Day, we pause to remember those who volunteered, who fought, who gave their lives for our country.  We also remember all those mothers and fathers who waited for their children to come home.

From the October 25, 1917 Skidmore News, page 1:

Three Sons In Army.

We feel, as war is on, this extract of a private letter from Mrs. Ross might interest others as well as ourselves.

In a letter received a few days ago from our old time neighbor and friend, Mrs. Charles Ross, of Catoosa, Oklahoma, she says:  “We have given up three of our sons, Oppie, Wade and Bill, for this great cause and if I must give up the other two, I will do so as willingly as I did these.  While I am sad and lonely without them, I feel God will bring my boys all back to me.”

She said she had fitted them all with pillows, comforters and shaving outfits, and each carried a picture of their father and mother with them.  They write once or twice a week to their parents who are so proud of their soldier boys.

As we read this letter our heart was touched.  So far, we have not had to give up any of our loved ones, but we know it is sad for those who have.  We know how Mrs. Ross loved her boys and are glad she was willing to let them go.

Some are condemning the president because men have to go, but the war is here so let us face it like men and stop our condemnation.  We believe if this country had entered the war long ago it would now be ended, but all we can do is extend sympathy to those who have had to give up loved ones.  May more feel as Mrs. Ross does, that God will bring them safely home.

Mrs. Mart Carden.

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