This is the Year to Go to College

1921 was the year to go to college, and 2021 is, too. We wish all our NWMSU students, faculty, and staff a happy, healthy, and successful school year.

Ad for the State Teachers' College at Maryville, Missouri. Text of ad follows.
Ad for the State Teachers’ College at Maryville, Missouri, as printed in the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), 25 August 1921, page 8.

Ad reads, “This is the year to go to college. Do you want secondary school work? College work? Commercial subjects? Music? Then you should attend the State Teachers’ College at Maryville. Fall term opens September 13. Write for bulletin. Uel W. Lampkin, Pres. W. A. Rickenbrode, Reg. Maryville, Missouri. The Maryville Chamber of Commerce will maintain free Bureau of Information regarding board and rooms.”

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