Third Liberty Loan Drive

From the April 11, 1918 Skidmore News:

Away “Over The Top”

The inauguration of the Third Liberty Loan drive in Monroe township was properly launched last Saturday afternoon.

Early in the afternoon, the people from the country began to arrive, and by two o’clock a goodly number from both country and town were on the streets eager to see and hear and to take part in the afternoon’s demonstration.

Soon after two o’clock, a parade, headed by the Skidmore band, was formed at the band stand.  Immediately following the band was a company of boys and girls in charge of Mrs. M. Moore.  One of the boys was attired to represent Uncle Sam and one of the girls was dressed as Columbia.  Other girls and boys wore girl scout, boy scout and soldier suits.  Two of the girls bore the three flags, British, French and American, under which the men “over there” are fighting, shoulder to shoulder.  Other boys and girls were armed with American flags and with banners.

Then after the children came men and women, boys and girls marching two abreast.  The number in the parade is not known, but the reader will have an idea as to how many participated when they are told the line was 1 1/2 blocks long with the marchers walking closely together.

After the parade had halted at the band stand, Rev. W. H. Welton offered prayer.  W. M. Howden then introduced the speaker, the Rev. Mr. Youtz, who came from Hopkins in answer to a call extended by the county chairman, W. C. Pierce.  Rev. Youtz is a fluent speaker and showed himself to be heartily in accord with the cause he was sent to proclaim.

When Rev. Youtz had finished his address, Mr. Howden again came forward and called for subscriptions to the Third Liberty Loan.  The call was so readily responded to that it was only a few minutes until the $24,000 apportioned to Monroe township to raise was bought up and ere the sale was concluded for the day $42,350 worth of bonds had been sold.

Vocal numbers by the little folks and the students of the Skidmore high school were given during the afternoon which lent inspiration to the meeting.

Up to the time of closing our forms bonds have been sold in this township in the amount of $48,150, over twice the quota of Monroe for this issue.

The end is not yet, as each day brings additional applications for bonds of this issue.

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