Thieves in Maryville

Some folks in the big city feel entitled to take other people’s property, it seems.  This incident was reported in the July 10, 1913 Skidmore New Era:

Pickpocket Tries to Rob Skidmore Man

George W. Murray of Skidmore had quite an experience Friday with a pickpocket while celebrating July 4th at Maryville.

Mr. Murray had stepped into the Mark Turner ice cream parlor for some refreshments and as he was leaving the house two men followed him out, crowding him as though there was an awful jam behind them.  One of them kept pushing Mr. Murray and apparently trying to pass by him, finally Mr. Murray felt a man’s hand in his pants pocket and reaching around behind him grabbed the thief by the shoulder and drew back to land on him, but the confederate gave Mr. Murray a push as he struck and he missed his mark and the thief got away, ran out into the street past the Shumacher store and into the alley back of the Price & Neal furniture store and on to the C. B. Thorp residence, where he dodged into the cellar.

Mr. Murray ran into the street as soon as he could and cried thief, pickpocket, and started after the robber.  By this time a large crowd joined in the chase and followed the fugitive into the cellar.  When the runaway was making his escape he was in his shirt sleeves carrying his coat on his arm, and as soon as he got in the cellar he put on his coat and when the crowd got down there stepped out among them and was intensely busy looking for the thief as any of them.  Finally they gave up the chase and came back up to Main street, the thief with the rest, but L. E. Forsythe’s keen detective eye recognized the robber and pointed him out to special officer E. E. Tilton, who arrested him.

Mr. Murray is sixty-five years old but says, “I would have liked to have landed on that fellow, I think it would have saved a lot of running.”

The prisoner was brought before Justice W. L. Johnson in the afternoon for trial.  He gave his name as Robert Blair, was charged with petty larceny and fined $10 and cost, amounting to $19.  He paid the fine and was freed.

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