Thieves at Work, 1923

Crime news from the July 12, 1923 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Thieves at Work.

Thieves are still at work in Skidmore vicinity. On Wednesday of last week, while Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hartman and family were in Skidmore celebrating the Fourth, some one visited their home northeast of Skidmore and helped themselves to several things about the place.

Mrs. Hartman said upon investigation she noticed about twenty quarts of fruit, some meat, ten gallons of lard, a baby’s dress and hood, and several pieces of fancy work which she had done and some her sister had given her and several other things were missing. They passed up one of the boy’s silk shirts and a new pair of shoes belonging to Mr. Hartman.

This is the second time the Hartman home has been visited this summer and in the two visits the thieves also have taken about all of three large kettles of soap that Mrs. Hartman had made. It is thought that the robbers had been watching the Hartman family and knew that they were not at home, for the house is back off of the road and that very few people travel by the house, as a bridge is out on one end of the road.

A search warrant was gotten out the fore part of the week and an effort was made to secure some of the things, but was without avail.

We wish to thank our friends and neighbors who assisted us in any way in getting out the search warrant for the goods that were stolen from our house last week. Although we did not find anything, but feel that some good was done.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hartman.

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