They Had Better Toys

From the June 23, 1903 Skidmore Standard:

Little Miss Ella Manchester caused no little anxiety to her father and mother and others yesterday evening about 5 o’clock.  She suddenly disappeared and after quite a little search was found under a bed quietly playing with a crokinole board at the residence of Ham Deffenbaugh.  No one was at home at the Deffenbaugh residence and she had entered the house unnoticed by anyone.

Crokinole, for those of us unfamiliar with the game, gets its name from the French word croquignole, meaning cookie or biscuit – tempting for anyone, especially a little miss.  It’s usually played by two or four people, but Miss Manchester was clearly an enterprising young lady.  The game is still played today, and if you start practicing now, you might be ready to attend the World Crokinole Championships next spring.

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