The Triumph of All Sales

A “proclamation of practical economy” in the “triumph of all sales,” as advertised in the July 20, 1900 Skidmore Standard (Skidmore, Missouri):

Ad for Sewell Brothers and Montgomery. Text of ad follows.
From the July 20, 1900 Skidmore Standard (Skidmore, Missouri)

Mid-Summer Mark-Down Sale of all kinds of summer goods.  The Triumph of All Sales.  A proclamation of practical economy.

The time has arrived to unload our stocks and make a clean sweep of every summer item in our store.  We do not go at it in a half-hearted way and reduce a few items here and there to tempt you.  But, we look at the situation squarely in the face.  We want to move all our stock and quickly; and we know there is not a greater power to do this to our satisfaction better than extraordinary low prices.

Another remarkable feature and one that you want to thoroughly appreciate, is the fact that these very extraordinary values are offered at a time when you can still get good service out of them.

Another great point you want to bear in mind is that every article in this sale was made for this summer’s wear and is the best the market affords.

You can better appreciate the magnitude of this great value-giving sale by personally attending it, as prices printed in the papers now-a-days mean but little unless they are backed by solid merit.

The prices we quote here, the real solid merit of our merchandise and our great reputation for reliability should be sufficient to convince you that we present an opportunity long to be remembered.

1-4 Off on all crash skirts, ladies shirt waists and children’s crash suits.  Sumer clothing must go.  Big reductions on all kinds of crash skirtings and suitings, lawns, dimities, and everything in the summer line.

Sewell Bros. & Montgomery.  Store closed at 8:00 p.m. except on Saturday evenings.

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