The Store that Started Low Prices in Skidmore

In case you wondered which store started low prices in Skidmore, we offer the following advertisement from the May 31, 1906 edition of the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 5 (select image to enlarge it):

Ad for The Monarch. Text of ad follows.
Go to the Monarch. Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), May 31, 1906, page 5.

Ad reads, “Go to the Monarch, the store that started low prices in Skidmore. I am making prices that mean a great saving to you. Come and see. Watch my prices at all times. Remember I want your produce and will pay the highest market price. Groceries: Corn, per can, 5 cents. Clariette soap, 8 bars, 25 cents. 25 cent K. C. baking powder, 18 cents. P. P. P. flour, the best, $1.15. Number 6, $1.00. Maple Syrup, was 45 cents, now 30 cents. Sugar, per 100 pounds, $5.25. This is barrel sugar, not sack. Sugar, 19 pounds, $1.00. Stoneware, per gallon, 7 cents. Work shirts, 50 cent line now 45 cents. Dress shirts, $1.00 line now 90 cents. Shoes. Get prices – big discount. Michigan course salt, $1.25 per bbl. I am receiving new goods every day, and intend to make this one of the best stores in Nodaway county. Watch my prices and you will see. J. H. Burdette. The new man.”

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