The Roosevelt Literary Society Puts on a Play, 1922

From the April 6, 1922 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 7:

Daleview Items.

Mrs. H. M. Patterson and daughter, Elizabeth, are spending the week at the home of J. R. Hodgin.

Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Noble and Mae Davis spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. John Robinson.

The grade schools are practicing for the annual grade track meet to be at the high school the first part of next month.

The Juniors are working on a debate, “Resolved that the Rail Roads shall be owned and controlled by the Government.” Watch for date of the program.

The Roosevelt Literary Society will give a play Friday, April 14. The title of the play is “Mrs. Briggs of the Poultry Yard.” The cast of characters are:
Mrs. Briggs (a woman of business) — Gladys Close;
Her family —
Ralph – Carter Botkin;
Jimmy – Willard Hodgin;
Alvena – Lucille Davis;
Melissa – Elouise Littell;
Silas Green (a near relative) – Gordon Thomson;
Mr. Lee (a wealthy neighbor) – John Knepper;
Virginia Lee (his daughter) – Alma New;
Daisy Thornton (her friend) – Clara Vanderslice;
Mrs. O’Connor (with no liking for goats) – Mattie Prater;
Mandy Bates (whose tongue will stumble) – Pauline Goins.
Most of the characters in the play are sophomores and freshmen. A small admission fee will be charged.

The members of the Literary Society gave a wiener roast Friday night. Many games were played and everyone enjoyed themselves. Those present were Jean Petty, Myrtle Vanderslice, Gladys Close, Alma New, Hallie Field, Rachel and Pauline Goins, Mattie Prater, Hazel Fries, Lillian and Deloris Green; Messrs Atwell Tyson, James Boone, Guy Wright, Ward Wooderson, Gerald Close, John Prater, Joe Carter, Gordon Thomson, Carter Botkin, and Raymond Cowles. Misses Petty and Vanderslice and Atwell Tyson acted as chaperons for the party.

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