The Punkin Editor Responds

In its February 15, 1901 edition, the Skidmore Standard’s editor, F. N. Campbell, submitted his resignation.  He complimented the town while quietly calling attention to the lack of business support the paper often faced.

The paper’s “Punkin Editor,” publisher W. J. Skidmore, was a bit less concerned with gracious wording.  (You can do that when the town is named after your family and you’re the publisher of the only paper in town.)  Here is Skidmore’s reply to F. N. Campbell’s resignation letter, also on page 1:

Yes, Mr. Campbell has made his exit this week and the writer – otherwise being the Punkin editor – not wishing to afflict you with his say after reading such a nice bye-bye from Mr. Campbell, will wait until next week.  Then look out.  But we certainly feel like setting up the tamala’s or hot pigtails to Frank when we meet him at the World’s Fair in St. Louis in 1903, for the pretty boquets he threw at the town and vicinity.

As to his criticisms on the way the business men have supported the Standard, they are his own.  They have done about as they pleased in regard to helping the Standard.  We thank those who have helped, and those who haven’t we feel thankful that they haven’t done worse.  We sometimes get requests from merchants from other towns for advertising space, but of course we are not expected to accept such advertising.  Yet one of the prominent business men can go out in the country and solicit subscriptions for a city paper, and that is alright.  We only wish the people who don’t like the Standard outfit, would work just as hard for the town as the Standard tries to, and it would not be long until the town could support another paper.

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