The Picture Beautiful, 1918

Sure, we appreciate the convenience of Netflix and Amazon and so forth.  Still, we remember when going to the movies was an event, and we imagine this one was quite an event.  From the Skidmore, Missouri News, April 25, 1918, page 8:

The Picture Beautiful.  Clever Fox Kiddies out do Themselves in Famous Fairy Tale Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp.  A picture of Beauty and Charm, Mystery, Romance, Thrills. Blended for young and old.  Age old fairy tale on the screen.  Seeing this picture is like rubbing the Wishing Lamp, it brings hours of pleasure.  At The Royal.  Friday Evening, April 26.  8:30 p.m.  Prices 15 cents and 25 cents.
Aladdin plays at The Royal in Skidmore, Missouri. As advertised in the Skidmore News, April 25, 1918, page 8.

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