The Passing of the Old Bridge

From the August 10, 1900 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

The Passing of the Old Bridge.

Early Monday morning a force of railroad men began tearing down the old bridge over the tracks on High street.

The bridge was built soon after the town was started and has therefore been in use nearly twenty years. It was not considered safe the past two years, yet there was considerable travel over it. For many years it served as the only means of communication, by buggies and wagons, between the east and west part of town; but within the past few years the crossings on Elm and Oak streets have been opened, since which much of the travel has given the old bridge the go-by.

The bridge carpenters are working on a new structure, and it will not be a great while until travel across the tracks may be resumed on High street. The bridge is a great convenience when trains are blocking the other crossings; also when a display of fireworks is to be made on such occasions as the Fourth of July.

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