The Mistress of the World

Long before the Tomb Raider, the Mistress of the World ruled over theaters.  We’re imagining 50,000 people in one movie and feeling a little bit queasy, honestly, but it was a selling point in 1922.  When 20 cents can buy you The Temple of the Hermit, the Great Wall of China, and the secret treasure room of the Queen of Sheba, you just know where your Saturday night would have been spent.

Coming "The Mistress of the World" Bigger than the seven wonders of the world. The screen sensation of the century. Imagine 50,000 people in one picture.
From the April 6, 1922 Skidmore News.
Detailed ad for "The Mistress of the World." Text follows
From the April 27, 1922 Skidmore News. Mistress of the World No. 1: The Dragon’s Claw

Ad reads, “The screen sensation of the century – nothing like it ever previously produced! What it is — “The Mistress of the World” is a series of four Paramount Pictures, each complete in itself, and all interrelated, telling the amazing story of a girl who passed through a thousand thrilling adventures to find the lost city of Ophir and the treasures of the Queen of Sheba. The twenty reels which make up the series represent the largest expenditure of time and of money ever spent on any entertainment. The cost of the series was in round numbers, $1,200,000. Saturday Night, April 29th, 1922. Show starts at 8:30. You’ll see — A motion picture with hundreds of thrills. Bigger than the world’s seven wonders! The Temple of the hermit in “The Mistress of the World” is twenty-seven feet higher than the leaning Tower of Pisa. The set representing the Great Wall of China covers more territory than the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The secret treasure room of the Queen of Sheba is larger than the Mausoleum of Artemisia. The Royal. Admission 10 and 20 cents. Hamilton Theatrical Corp presents “The Mistress of the World” A series of four Paramount Pictures. No. 1 “The Dragon’s Claw.” Extra Reel ‘ “Urban Movie Chats.””

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