The Lot Sale

The town was growing again.  We bring you this report of a real estate sale (complete with band concert) from the front page of the June 1, 1916 edition of the Skidmore News:

The Lot Sale

On account of the lot sale and not to be guilty of being too presumptive, we take it as an appreciation of the News’ platform of “1000 population by 1920,” the band boys gave an extra entertainment last Saturday afternoon. They played several pieces and then led the crowd to the South Side addition, where the lot sale was held.

It seemed like the crowd — or most of him, as well as the ladies — were more intent on listening to the band than wanting lots. However, anything is only worth what it brings when sold.

The following are those who purchased lots and the prices paid:

C. Banks, 1 lot – $145.00
C. Geyer, 1 lot – $140.00
Mervyn Gray, 1 lot – $90.00
Mervyn Gray, 1 lot – $95.00
Thos. Dyson, 2 lots, each $147.50
Thos. Dyson, 1 lot – $125.00
Ledford Goatcher, 1 lot – $100.00
A. C. Dodds, 2 lots, each – $90.00

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