The Hotter than the Hottest and the Coolest of the Cool

Happy birthday, Missouri. We love you.

Poem, "1821 - Still in Old Mizzoury - 1921," by "Uncle John" Gaines. Published in the Skidmore News of Skidmore, Missouri, 1921. Text follows.
Poem, 1821 – Still in Old Mizzouri – 1921, by “Uncle John” Gaines. Published in the Skidmore News of Skidmore, Missouri, July 28, 1921.

Text of poem reads:

1821 – Still In Old Mizzoury – 1921
By “Uncle John” Gaines

I landed here in sixty-two — on a mighty lucky day,
Mizzoury rocked my cradle — an’ I sorter — had to stay —
An’ later, when she weaned me — without the least excuse
She tied me to the saddle-horn, an’ turned the critter loose
Right here — in old Mizzoury —
Old, Pioneer — Mizzoury —
That, somehow, cradles everything that Natur’ can Produce!

I’ve stuck around for sixty year — without a blame regret —
She spanks me when I’m sassy — an’ she soothes me when I fret —
She’s allers had the balsam fer the sore spot, when I fell —
But, with lots of heaven’s glory, there’s a little streak of hell
Right here — in old Mizzoury —
In honest old Mizzoury —
That never pulls the trigger sirs, but what she rings the bell!

She kicks at me — to see me dodge — an’ keeps me jumpin’ higher —
But Mother-love to draw me back — is all that I require.
There may be little drawbacks in her everlastin’ plan —
But, with all her crucifixions — she will resurrect her man
Right here — in old Mizzoury —
Old, stay-at-home Mizzoury —
That loves her wayward children, — like a lovin’ mother can!

In old Mizzoury’s climate, –now, she takes a lot of pride —
She knows exactly how to get beneath a feller’s hide–
An’ when I hear of latitudes that boast of what we lack,
I jedge ’em by the fellers that I see a-comin’ back —
Right here — in old Mizzoury —
Imperial — Mizzoury —
Where every critter grazes — with his tether runnin’ slack!

I ain’t forsook her bound’ries, sence the day that I was born
She’ll find me true-an’-loyal — till Gabriel toots his horn —
With Liberty her Goddess — an her law the Golden Rule,
We all jine in the anthem — with the old Mizzoury Mule,
All hail! Our old Mizzoury!
Centennial — Mizzoury —
The hotter than the hottest — and the coolest of the cool!

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